Commercial fishing, plastic major part of environmental crisis

The environmental crisis is most challenging than ever, with the seas being warmer than at any point in the human history and life underwater is facing many threats. Thus, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 “Life Under Water” establishes a wide-ranging goal to "conserve and sustainably use the world's oceans, seas and marine resources".

The severity of the environmental crisis is demonstrated by the plight of perhaps the single most important marine ecosystem: coral reefs.

Reefs play an important role for human communities and their global economy, providing food security for hundreds of millions of people and coastal protection for hundreds of millions more.

Coral reef collapse is directly linked to rising sea temperatures. Corals live close to their upper thermal limit and even modest temperature rises can disrupt their relationship with their algae lodger. This leads the often-kaleidoscopic coral to turn white as it dies, a process known as bleaching.…

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Gard joins Norwegian cleaning local initiative

Gard presents Norway's local approach on the problem of pollution, as Norwegians teamed up to clean marine litter from Norway’s shoreline. The majority of plastics found on the shorelines, sea surface and sea floor are not biodegradable so discarded or lost plastic items accumulate over time on shorelines.

Norwegians have a tradition called 'dugnad' which means getting together and tidying up.

They conduct two times a year 'dugnad' beach cleaning in spring and autumn; The initiative is organised by Hold Norge Rent – Keep Norway Clean.

Gard employees have also joined this initiative.

Specifically, on May 4, Gard employees from Bergen and Arendal joined over 40,000 people in this year’s spring cleaning.

The most common garbage found were styrofoam and plastic fishing gear and nets, rope, food wrapping, straws and cups, and myriad large and small unidentifiable pieces of degraded plastic.

Additionally, unusual items included a single rubber bo…

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