Dryad: Pirates attempt to board LPG tanker

Six pirates have been arrested for attempting to board an LPG tanker identified as Epic Bermuda while off Takoradi port in Ghana.

The incident took place some 2.5. nautical miles east of Takoradi on April 30, maritime security firm Dryad Global said.

“Reports suggest that during the initial boarding attempt the Officer on Watch noticed the perpetrators and sounded the alarm. The OOW then started the vessel’s engines and attempted to manoeuvre the vessel so as to disrupt the attempt. The small boat was said to have then headed off in the direction of another vessel approx. 0.6nm away,” Dryad added.

The Malta-flagged LPG tanker built in 2001 is woned by Epic Gas.

The authorities at Takoradi dispatched a patrol vessel which arrested the 6 individuals. The crew members are reported to be safe.

This is the 4th incident in the waters off Takoradi within 2020 and the third within 3nm of Takoradi Port.

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Dryad: 8 crew members held hostage on board boxship off Benin

Eight crew members of the Portuguese-flagged containership Tommi Ritscher are believed to have been taken by a group of pirates that boarded the ship on April 19, 2020 while the vessel was within the Cotonou anchorage area, West Africa.

The 4,957 TEU ship was approached by a speedboat and a number of persons managed to board the ship, according to Dryad Globa.

“A Naval Patrol vessel (ZOU) is understood to have spotted the speedboat alongside the vessel and approached. On approaching the speedboat is understood to have fled leaving the perpetrators on board the Tommi Ritscher,” the maritime security firm said.

The report indicates that 11 other crew members managed to retreat to the citadel, while eight others are believed to have been captured by the perpetrators and are being held hostage.

Crew members are understood to be Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Filipino.

The incident is reportedly still ongoing with two naval vessels currently at the…

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3 Ships Approached in Two Days off West Africa

zoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: EUNAVFOR

Cargo ships transiting the waters off the coast of West Africa have reported at least three suspicious approaches over the past two days.

On Wednesday, a group of up to 8 men attacked the Greek-flagged bulk carrier MV Scarabe approximately 23 nautical miles south of Agbami, Nigeria.

The ship was coming from Calabar, Nigeria when it was approached. The master started altering course and engaging in evasive maneuvers.

However, shortly after the ship’s AIS was deactivated indicating the bulker was boarded, security alerts from different maritime consultancies indicate.

The ship’s AIS has reportedly turned on again after two hours and the bulker is said to be safe.

According to West Africa-based consultancy Praesidium International, a security vessel near the Agbami field is believed to have intervened to provide assistance, but the information remains unconfirmed.

On the same day, another ship …

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7 Kidnapped from MSC Talia F Containership

zoomIllustration; Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

Seven crew members of the Portuguese flagged containership MSC Talia F have been kidnapped off Gabon, Dryad Global informed on Sunday, March 22.

The boarding took place some 52 nautical miles West of Port Libreville, the Gabonese Republic.

“It is believed that the vessel has a crew of 17 all understood to be Ukrainian nationals. The vessel is believed to have been en-route from Lomé to Port Libreville at the time of boarding,” Dryad said in a report.

The 2005-built feedermax is owned by Greek Technomar Shipping and managed by Switzerland-based MSC, data from VesselsValue shows.

WMN is yet to receive a comment on the matter from the owners and managers of the ship.

As informed, this is the first incident within this area in 2020. Within 2019 there were 4 recorded incidents at Port Libreville and the Owendo Anchorage involving a spate of incidents in Dece…

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Management Loses Contact with Cargo Ship after Pirate Attack Alert

zoomIllustration; Image courtesy: EUNAVFOR

The management of the cargo vessel identified as Huanghai Glory has lost contact with the ship’s crew after the ship sent out a pirate attack alert.

The ship is believed to have been boarded by pirates some 84 nautical miles off South Lagos on March 5, 2020.

“An unknown number of perpetrators are understood to have boarded the vessel. Currently, the vessel is drifting, with 23 crew members on board believed to be Chinese nationals,” Dryad Global said.

Based on the data from VesselsValue, the 2012-built ship is part of Tianjin Xinhai International Ship Management’s fleet, a company based in China.

According to Dryad, the Nigeria Navy has been informed and has dispatched a vessel to investigate.

The boarding took place hours apart from the boarding of the MT Minerva Virgo, some 45nm South Cotonou, and it is highly likely that perpetrators of all three incidents reported yesterday are the same group…

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Pirates seize 19 crew members from tanker south of Nigeria

According to the International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Center, at 1810 UTC yesterday, armed pirates attacked and boarded an oil tanker underway, around 76 nm south of Bonny, Nigeria. Nineteen crew were identified as missing. The vessel owners notified the Nigerian Navy and MRCC for assistance and the remaining crew sailed a tanker to a safe area.

Maritime security specialist Dryad Global says that reporting indicates that the vessel involved is Navios Tankers Management’s Nave Constellation.

Dryad says the pirates are believed to have left the vessel taking with them 19 crew members (18 Indians and one Turkish), leaving seven crew memberse still on board the tanker.

“This incident is the sixth maritime security incident and the fourth kidnapping incident to occur within 30 nm of the South Eastern boundary of the Nigerian EEZ within 2019,” says Dryad. “This is further confirmation of a developing trend of incidents that are assessed to be perp…

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