AlfaLaval Announces Scrubber Design for Smaller Vessels With Reduced Installation Time

Alfa Laval’s new model can be installed in 10-14 days. Image Credit: Alfa Laval

Engineering company Alfa Laval has developed a new scrubber design designed for smaller vessels, with a reduced installation time, the company said Thursday.

The company’s new PureSOx Express model is delivered as an enclosed unit, meaning it can be installed without a specialised scrubber team in 10-14 days, it said in an emailed statement.

“For smaller vessels like handymax bulkers or product tankers, the cost of installing a scrubber for SOx compliance has sometimes outweighed the benefits,” the companu said in the statement.

“The new PureSOx Express is an open-loop PureSOx system, but one delivered as a fully enclosed module.

“Adapted for a simple and cost-efficient fit on smaller vessels, it reduces the investment cost, engineering time and physical work of installing a SOx scrubber.”

The model is designed to handle engine power up to 10 MW and up to 75 tonnes of exhaust gas per hour, making it suitable for vessels around the 40,000-65,000 DWT range, the company said.

The unit is also ‘hybrid-ready’, with connections in place to allow it to be converted to a hybrid model later in case water discharge regulations become more strict. 

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