The COVID-19 crisis has brought many challenges and barriers the shipping industry has to overcome, with the seafarers being at the forefront of the situation, and the majority of key shipping stakeholders calling for the support and right treatment of the seafarers, launching the #HeroesAtSeaShoutOut campaign.

In efforts to support seafarers and recognize their crucial contribution in the maritime sector, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) published a video highlighting how important seafarers are to keeping supply chains open during the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding of the #HeroesAtSeaShoutOut campaign.

Recently, to express their recognition towards seafarers, the shipping industry, including the UK Chamber of Shipping,¬†encouraged as many ships as possible across the globe to sound their horns, if safe to do so, to celebrate the International Workers’ Day, Workers’ Day, Labour Day or May Day, May 1st.

These initiatives remind seafarers they are not alone, in line with a recent message from the IMO Secretary General to seafarers.

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