In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Port of Los Angeles, as part of the Logistics Victory Los Angeles (LoVLA) signed a deal with Honeywell International Inc. in order to manufacture 24 million N95 masks, boosting the region’s personal protective equipment (PPE).

For the records the inked agreement was negotiated through the City’s General Services Department and LoVLA, the City program created by Mayor Garcetti and headed by Gene Seroka, the Port of Los Angeles Executive Director and the City’s appointed Chief Logistics Officer during the outbreak.

N95 masks are a must-have for the front line, but high demand has meant reliable supply chains have been difficult to find. Honeywell has stepped in and shown exemplary corporate citizenship in this partnership with Los Angeles.

….said Honeywell International Inc.

Moreover, the production of the masks, destined for hospitals and health care providers in need, will begin in May and will continue for the following 24 months.

Healthcare providers are doing heroic work in this crisis — and we can’t let equipment shortages get in the way of saving lives. Every dollar, every minute, every offer of help counts right now. I’m grateful for Honeywell’s partnership with the City, which will help us get needed supplies to critical workers with more ease and reliability.

…,Mayor Garcetti concluded.

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