Two Danish companies — Dacoma and Tuco — are to test a novel stabilizer developed for offshore renewables sector work and crew boats.

Developed by Dacoma ApS, the Airkeel is a submerged, air-filled flotation body mounted at the bottom of the hull. A computer-controlled mechanical drive system moves the Airkeel from side to side, stabilizing the boat against roll motion while at the same time increasing its buoyancy.

Now the technology will be tested on Tuco’s ProZero workboat range. An Airkee will be integrated into a 7 m long fast workboat test platform from Tuco and trialed at sea.

The Airkeel stabilizer promises to increase seaworthiness and comfort at sea while reducing fuel consumption.

“The great thing about our technology is that it allows our customers to extend their operations into the bad weather window, while at the same time saving money on the fuel bill. That’s unique,” explains Arnd Baurichter, CEO and founder of Dacoma
Jonas Pedersen, CEO at Tuco, says: “We are happy to assist Dacoma in testing their AirKeel system. With our ProZero range of Fast Boats for professionals, Tuco is at the forefront of technology and innovation when it comes to improving our clients’ operations and capabilities. And we are proud that Dacoma has chosen the ProZero boats as the perfect test platform for their ambitious development and testing.”

First tests will focus on demonstration of heel compensation and optimization of roll damping in waves.

“It’s important for us to learn the full potential of the Dacoma stabilizer. Our fast and ultralight workboats are very versatile, and we are always looking to increase their operational functionality. Higher crane and load capacities are two of the interesting extra features we would like to see tested in the near future,” says Jonas Pedersen

Dacoma says that the stabilizer’s special design increases heel stability and cargo capacity significantly. In the range from 0 to 120 degrees heel angle, it increases the righting moment by up to a factor of 10 without the need for water ballast. For 7-15 m workboats, the Airkeel stabilizer provides an increase in buoyancy of up to 15% of the displacement, allowing the carriage of extra cargo, without requiring increased propulsion power.

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