To promote the use of Condition Based Maintenance technology, classification society ClassNK has released CBM guidelines that explain the society’s revised rules for using CBM in class surveys.

CBM — a method for monitoring the operating state of equipment and diagnosing its state based upon the information obtained, then performing necessary maintenance and inspections — has been attracting attention in recent years. ClassNK first introduced the concept of CBM in its class rules in 1994. Subsequent amendments to its Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships stipulate that maintenance methods based on the results of condition diagnosis can be used for class surveys, but CBM has not yet become widespread on ships with diesel engines. However, with the development of measurement technology, information-communication technology, and information-processing technology in recent years, initiatives related to CBM have come under active industry focus. In addition to offering safe operation and reduced operating costs, CBM is also considered to be an indispensable technology for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS).

In response, ClassNK has reviewed the structure of its requirements for planned machinery surveys, revised its rules as needed to provide more detailed requirements for the adoption of CBM in class maintenance surveys, and released its CBM guidelines.

The revision of the rules came into force in January 2020. The CBM guidelines contain not only explanations of the revised rules and how to apply to use CBM in class surveys, but also general explanations and future outlooks on CBM.

The guidelines are available to download free of charge via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered for the ClassNK “My Page” service. To register for the “My Page” service free of charge, go to the ClassNK website and click on the “My Page Login” button.

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