The Russian government through its Northern Sea Route development plan, which was also approved and signed by the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev before the end of 2019, aims to give a boost to annual shipments on the Northern Sea Route to 80 million metric tons by 2024.

In fact the country’s plan covers a variety of developments, such as the construction of new infrastructure and ships, to the mapping of natural resources, the launch of new satellites and meteorological equipment.

According to Moscow Times, the Russian government, its agencies and state companies are in a hurry to meet targets for the remote Arctic sea route.

For the records, until April 2020, a regional geological exploration program is expected to be adopted, while by June 2020, major decisions are to be taken on the establishment of a railway line to Sabetta, the seaport and liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal on the northern coast of the Yamal peninsula.

At the same time, country’s biggest companies such as Novetak, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft and the Independent Oil Company are going to boost the development of natural resources, so as Russia meet with its expectations on the Arctic route.

New vessels are also part of the plan. Namely, around 40 ships are going to be built, including several nuclear icebreakers.

Russia will further build three  Lider-class vessel, the first one will be operational in December 2017, while the second and the third are estimated to be ready for operations in 2030 and 2032.

Around 13 new hydrographic vessels and at least 16 various support and rescue ships are also part of the plan.

Concluding, major dredging operations in the Gulf of Ob to cover the way for sailing with big vessels in the area is to be completed in December 2021.



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